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Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mohamed Asiri



Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Asiri

Professor in Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Department
Faculty of Science
King Abdul Aziz University

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  • 1995

    Doctorate degree from ChemistrySchool of Chemistry, Wales Universty, كاردف, بريطانيا


  • 1990-1991

    Constractor , KAU, جده, المملكة العربية السعودية

  • 1990-1991

    Constractor , KAU, جده, المملكة العربية السعودية

Research Interests


MY research interest covers a wide area including:

1- Colour chemistry,

2- Synthesis of novel photochromic and thermochromic systems,

3- Synthesis of novel colorants and coloration of textiles and plastics,

4- Molecular Modeling ,

5- Applications of organic materials into optics such as OEDS,

6- High performance organic Dyes and pigments.

7- New applications of organic photochromic compounds in new novelty.

8- Organic synthesis of heterocyclic compounds as precursor for dyes.

9- Synthesis of polymers functionalized with organic dyes.

10- Preparation of some coating formulations for different applications.

11- Photodynamic thereby using Organic Dyes and Pigments

12- Virtual Labs and Experimental Simulations

13- E-Learning in Chemistry

14- Environmental Chemistry and organic Pollutants

15- Stability of Polymers and polymeric compositions

16- Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology


18- Fluorescence and Fluorescent dyes

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