thesis supervised

Thesis Supervision

Dr. Asiri is the Principal Supervisor for the follwing Ms.C. thesis.

M.Sc. Thesis Awarded Under My Supervision

1. Spectral Studies on some organic dyes, Naheid Fatany, (Started Jan 2001, Completed, April, 2003.


2. Studies on some photochromic Bis-imidazoles and Anils, Abber A. Bukhary, (Started December 2003, Completed on Jan 2005).


3. Synthesis and Spectral Studies of some new organic photochromic compounds, Nada H. Ismaiel, (Started December 2003, Completed on Jan 2005).


4. Photochomism of new bis-Imidazoles, Heba Kashmeri, (completed Jan 2007).


5. The Photochromic Performance of some fulgides and bis-imidazole Derivatives in the presence of Additive, Rabab Jassas (Completed April, 2006).


6. The Effect of Additives on the Photochromic Performance of some photochromic Derivatives before and after Irradiation, Manal Al-Somieh, (Completed, Jan 2006).


7. Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of some new Styryl Dyes, Bushra Kateb. (completed may, 2007).


8. Photochromic Performance of some fulgides and Spiropyrans in Polymeric thin films, Amerah Al-Soliemy (completed December 2007).


9. Synthesis of dyes from 2-Aminothiophen and studies on their thermal and photochemical stability in polymer Resins. Abber Al-Osimy, (completed Feb, 2007).


10. Spectroscopic studies of some Photochromic Compounds in polymeric thin films, Moheamed Al-Gamdi, (completed , Jan 2008).


11. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies on some Novel fluorescent Molecules using green chemistry approach, Mannal Shalabi (Start date April, 2007).


PHD thesis Under My Supervision


12. Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of novel azo and methine dyes derived from compounds ( Raida Al-Atawy, start date JAN, 2008).

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