Thesis Examined


1  Novel Approaches to Functionally Substituted Condensed Azoles and Azines , M.Sc thesis by H. Medrassi, Girl’s College of Education, Jeddah, 1425H.
 2  Synthesis of different novel sugar-modified pyrimidine analogue nucleosides, M.Sc. Thesis by S. Khyate , Girl’s College of Education, Jeddah,1425.
 3  Synthesis of new Pyrazolone Dyes, M.Sc. Thesis By Z. Al-Amshani, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah, M.Sc. Thesis by Zahra Al Amshani , 18-8-1425 H.
 4  Chromatographic and spectroscopy studies on the gum of dracaena cinnabari, faculty of science, King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah, M.Sc. Thesis by Amal A. Bahafi, 1-4-1426 H.
 5  Chemical Analysis and Study of the Biological Activety of Gums Resin oil of Commiphora Myrrh, Sanaa M. Al-Ahmadi, KAAU, 2006.
 6  Preparation of some bidentate ligands and thier use as catalysts in Asymmetric induction Reactions, Mohammed Bin Battah Al-Shammari, KSU, 2007
7 Study the Chemical Structure of Indole Alkaloids from Aspidosperma exclsum A and Ambelania occidentals, Azhar Al-Sagaf, KAAU, May, 2008.
8 Utilities of Cyanothioformamides in Synthesis of some Imidazole and Thiohydantoin Derivatives with Expected Biological and Anti tumor Activity, Reem Abdullah Al-Harbi, PHD thesis, College of Education Madinah Munawarah. 2009.
9 Synthesis of Some Heterocyclic Compounds using Green Chemistry, Reta Bouraik, PHD thesis, College of Education, 2009.

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