Thesis Supervised

M.Sc. Thesis Awarded Under My Supervision


  1. Spectral Studies on some organic dyes, Nahid Fatany, (Started Jan 2001, Completed, April, 2003.


  1. Studies on some photochromic Bis-imidazoles and Anils, Abber A. Bukhary, (Started December 2003, Completed on Jan 2005).



  1. Synthesis and Spectral Studies of some new organic photochromic compounds, Nada H. Ismaiel, (Started December 2003, Completed on Jan 2005).


  1. Photochomism of new bis-Imidazoles, Heba Kashmeri, (completed Jan 2007).


  1. The Photochromic Performance of some fulgides and bis-imidazole Derivatives in the presence of Additive, Rabab Jassas (Completed April, 2006).


  1. The Effect of Additives on the Photochromic Performance of some photochromic Derivatives before and after Irradiation, Manal Al-Somieh, (Completed, Jan 2006).


  1. Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of some new Styryl Dyes, Bushra Kateb. (completed may, 2007).


  1. Photochromic Performance of some fulgides and Spiropyrans in Polymeric thin films, Amerah Al-Soliemy (completed December 2007).


  1. Synthesis of dyes from 2-Aminothiophen and studies on their thermal and photochemical stability in polymer Resins. Abber Al-Osimy, (completed Feb, 2007).


  1. Spectroscopic studies of some Photochromic Compounds in polymeric thin films, Moheamed Al-Gamdi, (completed , Jan 2008).


  1. Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies on some Novel fluorescent Molecules using green chemistry approach, Mannal Shalabi (Start date April, 2007).


  1. Synthesis of Organic NanoColorants for biomedical Applications, Maha Al-Otabi, ( Start Date , July, 2008-End June, 2010 ).


  1. Synthesis of some New Fluorine Substituted ThiobarbituricAcids and Their Related Systems as Potential Inhibitors Against some Viruses, Abdulrahman SalimAl-Harbi, ( End Nov. 2013).


  1. Photopysical Propertis of some Organic Fluorecent Dyes and thier interaction with some nanoparticals, Nagat Al-gamdi, June 2012 End Jan 2014).


  1. Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of New Pyrazoline Derivatives, Abdelhadi Al-Buringi, (Start 28-6-2011 , End 1-12-2014)


  1. Synthesis, Spectroscopic And Physicochemical Investigations Of Novel Heterocyclic Dyes, Hadi Albesisi, ( April, 2014- May , 2016 )

PHD thesis Under My Supervision

  1. Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of novel azo and methine dyes derived from compounds , Raida Al-Atawy, start date JAN, 2008-compleate date 11-10-2011.


  1. Energy transfer in Organic photochromic systems. Rabab Sharaf Jassas, 2010- 2014 ( completed 4, June, 2014 ).


  1. Design And Synthesis Of Biosensors Based On Graphene Nanohybride, Safi Asim Bin Asim, (Start Sebtember, 2013- End 1-12-2014 ).


  1. Synthesis, Spectral Studies And Photovoltaic Properties Of Some Organic Dyes,Saad Al-Thaqafi, ( Jan 2014- June 2016 ).


  1. Phenothiazine donor moiety as a building block for novel dyes: Synthesis, characterization and optical properties, Fatima El-Zahrany, ( Jan 2014- May 2016 ).


  1. Photophysical Studies of some Photochromic compounds in Polymeric Thin films, Amerah Mohamed Al-Soliemy, (start Feb, 2014- May 2016 ).


  1. Development of chemical sensors based on metal oxides/carbon nanotube nanocomposites, Hasan B. Balkhoyor, (start Feb, 2015- June, 2016 ).


  1. Synthesis of Novel Hole Transport Materials Based on Phenothiazine for Use in Perovskite Solar Cells, Huda A. Alghamdi, In progress


  1. Fundamental Study on Metal Oxide based Nano-Catalyst for the Sensing and Detoxification of Organic molecules, Sameer Ahmad Mohamed, (start June, 2015- June 2017 compleated).


  1. Development of Nano-Catalysts and their Applications in Organic Synthesis and Photo-catalysis, Shahid Ali Khan, (start Jan, 2016- MAy 2017 compleated).


  1. Design and Synthesis ofMetallic and Bimetallic Nano-Catalysts forPhotodegradationand Organic Transformations, Ikram Ahmad, (start Jan, 2016- MAy 2017 compleated).


  1. Development Of Efficient Electrochemical Sensors Based On Chelating Agents And Nanomaterials For The Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions And Chemicals, Tahir Ali Sheikh , (Juen, 2017- In Progress ).
  1. Development of sensors for the detection of bio-molecules and heavy metal ions, Mohammad Musarraf Hussain, (June, 2017- In Progress ).
  1. Photochromic Performance And Photophysical Studies Of Some Photochromic Compounds, 24th, April, 2017. ( in Progress ).
  1. Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies Of Some Novel Donor (D)-Π-Acceptor (A) Containing Organic Dye, 22, May, 2017 ( in Progress ).
  1. Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of 1,2,3-Benzotriazin-4(3H)One Based Compounds, Zunera Khalid , Institute of Chemistry, University of Punjap, Pkaistan ( 2011, in Progress ) Co-Supervisor.
  1. Donor−acceptor−π−acceptor molecular architectures for efficient, Sameera Nasser AlGhamdi , March 22, 2017.
  1. Design and synthesis of organic chromophores for hole transport, materials and dye-sensitized solar cells, PhD Proposal March 05, 2017, Laila M. Nhari
  1. Synthesis of novel Heterocyclic compounds. Asma Chani, University of Punjap, Pkaistan ( 2011-2017 ) Co-Supervisor.
  1. Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of 1,2,3-Benzotriazin-4(3h)-One Based Compound, Zunera Khalid, University of Punjap, Pkaistan ( 2011-2017 ) Co-Supervisor.


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